Strange problem with BACK button IE9

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One of my favorite forums has been acting up and it was off-line a =
times in the last 24 houirs. When it came back on the main page had old=20
posts, so I refreshed it, and it was OK. Then I followed a link to a =
but when I returned, the old page came up. I tried deleting browsing=20
history, and also closing and restarting IE9, but it is still acting the =

same. I tried it in Chrome, and did not see the same problem, but I had =
used Chrome for quite some time.

The URL is: /

It is apparently an early release of the forum software and there are =
issues being worked on. In the old CM forum, which has been shut down, =
page would refresh when the BACK button was clicked, but not this one.=20
However, it never seemed to revert to an older cached page prior to =
server glitches. It's really just an annoyance, but I'm wondering what's =

going on and how it might be fixed. I know the forum administrator and =
there's something he can do.



Re: Strange problem with BACK button IE9

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it a bug in XenForo
get with your forum administrator
see if he just update....

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