Strange Menu issue

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I'm trying to add a border to the second tier menu but it doesn't show up at
all or the border is totally screwy.

I can easily just add a solid background color but adding the smooth border
causes issues.

It seems that the div that contains the second tier ul doesn't get the size
of the ul or its position.

Ultimately what I want is really just the background to cover like 99% of
the size of the container but then have a shadow cast. So say if the height
of the ul is 100px then I'll want a div that acts as a background for 96px
and use the 4 for a shadow bitmap. (since you can't see to add backgrounds
that are outside the container)

I suppose I could make a static sized graphic but I'd rather have it a bit
more general. The blue button is an example of what I'd like to see on the
second tier menu.


Re: Strange Menu issue

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heres just a solid color for the second tier menu. it works find except its
ugly and thats why I'm trying to add something to it.

Re: Strange Menu issue

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Actually what I want to do is have the second tier menu loo part of the main
menu(use same background color) but that seperator between the main menu and
the content page will wrap around the second tier menu. (so I'll need
corners and stuff)

Not sure if this is possible though because of the positioning needed.

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