strange html code to set the type of characters

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On a web page i found a very strange html code (see at the en of this
message) to set the type of the characters (like bold, italic, etc.)
and I have 2 question

1) How interpreter this code ?
2) can I use this code to set also the colour and the font used for the
text (like verdana) ? If yes how ?

Thank you in advance for your help


The strange code (the code that contain "%" like "%3Cb%3ECopenhagen

<area shape="rect" coords="384,137,448,162"
href="Copenhagen_01/italiano.htm" alt="Copenhagen" title="Copenhagen"



08/01%3C/b%3E');MM_setTextOfLayer('descrizione','','%3Ci%3EPrima di
proseguire per la Groenlandia, ho

l%27opportunit&amp;#224; di fare un breve giro nel centro di

onMouseOut="MM_setTextOfLayer('descrizione','','%3Ci%3ESpostare il
mouse sulla cartina per selezionare un viaggio.

Ciascun viaggio e%27 indicato con colori
diversi.%3C/i%3E');MM_setTextOfLayer('titolo','','%3Cb%3EMenu dei



Re: strange html code to set the type of characters

Fabrizio wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

%3C = <
%3E = >

Those are just URL encoded characters. But here they are not being used
as part of URLs.

So the real meat if what's going on can only be determined
by examing the MM_setTextOfLayer JavaScript function.

The MM_ means that this function was created by Macromedia Dreamweaver,
which means that it probably isnt very good as most of their canned
JavaScripts are somewhat lacking.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

%3Cfont%20face%3d%22Verdana%22%3Esome text%3C/font%3E might work if
used in place of %3Cb%3Esome text%3C/b%3E
It's the same as using
<font face="Verdana">some text</font> instead if <b>some text</b>

But there are certainly better ways of doing this.


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