Strange float left wrapping in mozilla

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In the following link I get some odd behavior in mozilla (not IE) which
is I think due to my use of max-width combined with some tables used to
hold things together where I couldn't get divs & spans to work:
Below the main picture are a bunch of thumbnails for sub-galleries and
on a somewhat random basis those will wrap at 1 thumb wide down the page
then a reload causes them to spread out to fill the page several columns
wide. The text block has a max-width applied in CSS. Sometimes these
will wrap at two or three columns & sometimes they will get stuck, it's
really pretty random. Try hitting the next page link if the first page
doesn't wrap prematurely, some pages are more prone to it (sometimes). I
just made some minor changes & it's doing it more often now.

I know, this is just wierd but maybe someone has a clue?

If you load with a small window & expand it, they will now wrap out
until reloading, then you can adjust the window & they will be fluid.
That's not a big problem but when they wrap at one or two collumns it's
annoying. This method demonstrates the problem if you aren't getting it
at first.

Re: Strange float left wrapping in mozilla

paul wrote:

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No response? Are other folks not seeing this premature rewrapulation
problem in FF, etc? In Mozilla 1.7.3 I get strange unpredictable results
with the wrapping of subgalleries at the bottom. It is fine in IE so I'm
not sweating too much but it's actually sometimes quite bad in Moz.

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