Still need help with radio button

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Unfortunately this is not a standard web site form. We work through a web
hosting company that supplies a piece of front end software that does many
forms handling chores including handling our issues management and
automatically emailing whoever I put in a list of contacts, etc. I can
create and upload a
new type of customer form very easily - but I really DO have to give the
radio buttons different names. I cannot use a group.

Whether this is good or bad it's what I have to work with, and I'm pulling
my hair out coming up with a simple function to uncheck radio button q1a if
radio button q1 is clicked.

I'm trying variations of "!myform.q1a.checked=false;" but I'm getting an
error in dreamweaver that I have a syntax error in this statement; but no
help as to what is wrong with it.

!myform.q1.value works fine in another function where  where I am able to
check for
missing fields when the submit button is clicked.

Thanks for the help,
Joe in Florida

Re: Still need help with radio button

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Have you spoken to them about this?
Have you asked them why they are using such a bizarre system?

You can always move to a better web host. If your current one can't
even handle basic forms properly who knows what else they might be
getting wrong.

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No function you create client side will work for all users.
How will users with JS disabled use your form?

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!myform.q1a refers to the group of radio buttons named q1a. Even if
that group only contains one radio button.

!myform.q1a[0] refers to the first radio button in the group.

I'm not sure whether using ! in the name of the form is a good idea.
It seems to be allowed, but it makes me slighty uneasy - I wouldn't be
surprised if it can cause problems under some circumstances.


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