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I need to emulate a webpage that uses frames but without using frames.
The page is split into two columns with a static list of links on the
left. This is the problem - I need the page to scroll but I need the
links to remain completely static on the left. I've tried CSS but
examples, like this one < , don't appear to
work in IE. I'm not a Javascript programmer so I've been searching for
Javascript equivalents high and low but all I can find are examples of
the floating kind which bob around when you scroll. This is no good, the
menu has to remain completely still. Can anyone point me towards a
script that will do what I need?

Re: Static menu without frames

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No javascript is needed for this. It simple CSS positioning. What
version of IE did you try? Is old browser support critical? A
well-designed CSS layout should work on all browsers, and look exactly
how you wanted on the newer breed. Check out...

Dan Vesma (back from many years away from alt.html)

Re: Static menu without frames

With neither quill nor qualm, quothed:

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"Okay, now it is time to look at the positioning properties. I moved
these off the other page because I had to put this page inside one big
table to make sure everyone saw the same thing....with all those screen
resolutions out there......"


Contrary to popular belief, it is believable.

Re: Static menu without frames wrote:
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It's not so simple because "position:fixed;" doesn't appear to work in
IE6, the most important browser for this project because that's what the
client uses.

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