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I am a komputer User with sever dyslexia anfd I am posting here to tr
and encurage all of you developer folks to make your website
accessible to me. At the momment I find dificultie reading and ritin
and this makes it dificult to access the web. For years I had to us
other software I have on my komputer to read websites but I have jus
found a peice of software that could really help me.

Speech enabling the sites wuld alow peopel like me to have easy aces
to websites and a product like this has been reviewed recently in
magazine I read (slowly!). The software I recomend to you is calle
Browsealoud and can be downloaded for free from the companies website
Plees note this is not an advert or anythin like that. I just want yo
to no how usefull this culd be for people who find it dificult to reed

Also as a dyslexic sufferr I no that new legislaton is coming that wil
make the provison of info to people like me a legal reqirement. So i
may be worth lookin into now!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I hope that someday soo
I will be abel to taek advanteg of the internet like everyone else
please keep people like me in mind when devloping new sites  


p.s you can find the Browsealoud plugin at www.browsealoud.com, pleas
check it out

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Re: Speech enabled website?

dyslexicduncan wrote in message ...
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This has got to be a TROLL or a SPAMMER.

Dyslexic people don't type like that  :~(

Gotcha  :~)

Re: Speech enabled website?

Steve R. wrote:
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The former is unlikely, this is the wrong group to solicit the desired

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they can if they want to.

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Re: Speech enabled website?

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the problem is that its not the only service available that does that
and the browser/OS support is very limited.

site authors can do a lot to assist people with disabilities and
attitudes are slowly changing but its unreasonable to expect them to
"enable" their sites for possibly dozens of different services like
browsealoud just to keep everyone happy.

the site author can only go so far, the rest is up the the visitors own
assistive devices.

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Re: Speech enabled website?

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bozo bin

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