Spaces Between Images in Table

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Hey Group,

I have an issue with trying to fit a table cell tight around an image.  I
want to do this, much like many others, so I can use the table to line up
images and make a smooth look to the website.  I can't, however, get it to
work.  I've got border-collapse in my .css file, but still no luck.  I've
got this working before, but can't figure it out now.

The page I'm working on is, and the problem is occouring
right under the 'Can you take the heat''ll see a grey bar.
That should be flush with the black menu right under grey should be

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Re: Spaces Between Images in Table

Dave "IT" wrote:

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Maybe this:
td img
or this:
td img
will help.

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Re: Spaces Between Images in Table

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Your coding is... um... not all that pretty. Dump the iframe, use tables
only where they are needed, don't use spacer gifs, etc, etc

What is causing you the problems is the whitespace (newline and spaces)
after the <img> tag. Image takes up the whole width, so the space goes in
the next line, making for the grey space.

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