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Hello everyone!

I would like your help in solving a little problem:

When I make a form html puts in some whitespace below it. I would like to
get rid of that space.
How can I do that?


Re: space under form

Wim Roffal wrote:

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Beste Wim,

Without showing us any code or url, it is simply impossible
to know where the white space comes from.

And another thing: is the domain yours? If
not, you can't use it. Make your own spam address from which
you delete all incoming mails automatically, or write
invalid behind the domain, so you're not sending the spam
that was meant for you to someone else.

Oh, en omdat het me de eerste keer lijkt dat je hier post:
als je straks antwoordt, doe dat dan onder de tekst waar je
op reageert, en knip weg wat niet meer ter zake doet. Win je
punten mee in deze groep ;-)

Els /
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Re: space under form

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It's a perfectly good method to munge your e-mail address. Most munging
methods are easy to understand if you really want to contact them. Such as
the method I'm using. I've chosen to add the NOSPAM in the domain name, as
the e-mail harvesters that catches my e-mail address will end up with one
that goes beyond bouncing. And the chances of someone actually registering are as high as someone who would actually register Or even Do you actually think someone
would want such a domain name? I can't think of anyone.

And if we're already going into semantics, he probably doesn't own the
domain either. Just as much as you own the domain I
mean, seriously, do you even own the e-mail account

Kim André Akerø
(remove NOSPAM to contact me directly)

Re: space under form

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Have you been to your doctor?

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In your CSS (you do have a stylesheet, don't you?) add:
form {margin-bottom: 0;}


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Re: space under form



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