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I am not a html expert but i have been asked to build a web based console.
The design calls for the main screen to be split by a horizontal divider.
Content A goes above the divider, Content B goes below the divider.  If
content A cannot fit in the allocated space scroll bars should appear

So I kind of need the behavior of frames without frames because clicks on
submit elements in Content B need to update Content A and Content B and
vice versa.  Its really one web page but i need to be able to have frame
like behavior.  has anyone done something like this? any ideas what html
4.0 objects i should be using?


Re: sort of frames question

On Tue, 9 Aug 2005 14:26:07 -0400, William D Faris

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So use frames.  If you want the scrolling behaviour, then you're looking
at frames (or possibly an iframe, but I don't see any real benefits

Your cross-clicking problem is a DHTML / JavaScript problem, which is
fairly simply to sort out with a reasonable tutorial or reference - it's
just not hard.

Re: sort of frames question

William D Faris wrote:

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Content B is (I suppose) the bit where one types. Content A is (I suppose)
the output.

You will have better luck putting the typing bit at the *top* and the
output at the bottom, with the newest output above the oldest output.

Then it's simple -- you don't need to have any frame-like effect at all!

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