someone mentioned iframes recently

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I believe there is one really good reason for using iframes or frames - if you
need to display content in two different charactersets on one page.  E.g. a
page which is part ISO-8859-1 and part Windows-1251.  In this particular case I
have no control over the 2nd part (in Windows-1251), and so converting it to
UTF-8 before display is not an option.
Or can anyone think of a solution that does not involve an iframe?

Per Jessen, Zurich
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Re: someone mentioned iframes recently

in alt.html, Per Jessen wrote:
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I wonder what you mean. If you mean that you need to show windows-1251
coded stuff using ISO-8859-1, which might make sence in some specific
page (considering effects of wrong encoding info etc...), you are most
likely right. But you don't seem to have such page.

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Well, what is your case? You don't have permission to do anything to that
code? If you have that permission, I think you mean you are not able to
do that. If you don't have permission, that doesn't make any argument.

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Ever heard of numerical character references? Yes, it may take more
bytes, but still better than frames.

Lauri Raittila < <

Re: someone mentioned iframes recently

Lauri Raittila wrote:

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I have two source documents - one is in ISO-8859-1, the other Windows-1251.
They need to be presented as one page.
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Primarily the 2nd part (in e.g. Windows-1251 or some doublebyte charset) is
given to me as data, and although I can fairly often convert the data to UTF-8,
it far from always works.  Plus the conversion to e.g. UTF-8 often screws up
the final result and make it less legible than when it's rendered in the
original charset.

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Size doesn't matter.  I'm not sure how numerical character references would help
me?  Using iframe as I do now is simply perfect.  Btw, what exactly is so bad
about iframe?

/Per Jessen, Zurich

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