Some problems sending an email via form

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I have 2 problems which I need some help with.

1. I have made a form which sends an email, but I can't seem to find a way
to make it an email with "High priority" (exclamation mark). Don't know the
english word for it so I hope you understand what I mean.

2. The following error occurs when I send the form:
Error opening template: f:\Inetpub\wwwroothttp:\\bla\bla.htm
Cause: 3
I'm pretty sure the referal to the 'return page' (the page that gets
displayed after the form is posted) is correct.

Here some of the cod:e
<form action=" " method="POST">
<input type="hidden" name="form_template"
value=" ">

I think the error is caused because I use the formmail.dll from another
domain, You can see 1 "bla" there in, but the return page is on
another domain (2 "bla"s)  (same server though).

Thanks in advance for any information you can give me!


Re: Some problems sending an email via form

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add the X-Priority header to the email headers.

X-Priority: 4 (Low)
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
X-Priority: 2 (High)

there are others like 'X-MSMail-Priority' but the above may be enough.
as they're non standard they may be ignored. also spammers use them a
lot so it may cause a spam filter to get a little upset and increase the
score enough in conjunction with other scores to kill the email.

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