Some help on an ASP page..

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Hi all,

I have an HTML form with three fields: submitter, summary and
description (all are plain text fields) with Submit and Reset buttons.
The html form uses an asp file for server side processing.
ex: <FORM name = "ThisForm" METHOD="post" action='submitForm.asp'>

Now I want to add the below VBScript code on the asp page and I want
to get the values of three fields from the HTML form and set them to
the fields in the below vbscript (submit_user, briefDescription and

Dim sessionObj
Dim entityObj
Dim queryDef
Dim resultSet
Dim defect_id
Dim msg

set sessionObj = CreateObject("CLEARQUEST.SESSION")
sessionObj.UserLogon "cqscript", "cquestplk", "ptgts",
set entityObj = sessionObj.BuildEntity("ServiceRequest")

entityObj.SetFieldValue "submit_user", submitter
entityObj.SetFieldValue "briefDescription", summary
entityObj.SetFieldValue "DetailedDescription", description


set queryDef = sessionObj.BuildQuery("ServiceRequest")

set resultSet = sessionObj.BuildResultSet(queryDef)

while resultSet.MoveNext = 1
     defect_id = resultSet.GetColumnValue(1)

Now when I click on Submit button, it should go the submitForm.asp
page with the following message:

You have successfully submitted the ticket and the tickect nummber is
And this <defect_id> value should be extracted from the above vbscript
in the above asp page. Now how should my submitForm.asp look like?


Re: Some help on an ASP page..

Quoted text here. Click to load it

use this to grab values from the form...


fu  = request("nameofformfield")
bar =  request("nameofanotherfield")


?? not really sure what you're asking.

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