Some Advice on Images and Captions

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 I am thinking of adding captions to the images on a 100+ page site. I
have a test page at:

 Needs a little tweaking yet but I think if the caption words are kept
short the div will not break until a fairly extreme text size is
selected. (This particular div is set at width:170px)

 How bizarre would it be to produce an individual  style sheet with a
set of divs for different div/image sizes, for example: 150px, 170px,
190px etc, and then selecting the appropriate size for each image? I
guess I would really need a float left, float right and centered set.

 I am keen to hear any ideas from the NG before I start this work.
Feel free to criticise the idea itself and the styling I have used :-)

        Thanks for your input,

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Re: Some Advice on Images and Captions

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I won't comment on what you have done, it seems fine... and does
not break on my Safari over a wide range. (You got justified
text? I don't advise this because _this_ looks odd at larger font
sizes) but I will say this: If you are going to have inline pics
and captions, you will avoid a real lot of probs by keeping your
captions nice and short and be done! If you need to say a bit,
well... it is in line and and the text is there for saying
things! You can say things gracefully about the pic too.

If you want a lot of text in captions, you wioll get every kind
of opinion and method and theyt will all have their ups and downs
and breaking points. Short captions are a great way to avoid many


Re: Some Advice on Images and Captions

On Fri, 01 Dec 2006 11:45:00 +1100, Andrew

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Hi Andrew,

 You obviously have no idea what you are talking about and have
researched this poorly. Have a look at:

 Move the width:170px to and inline style, that way you can specify
the size of the div according to the size of the image.


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