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I really hate all those idiots passing themselves off as professional
web designers when they don't have the slightest clue how to write
proper html/css.  Seriously, look at my company's website: .  I didn't write that crap, but I have to
maintain it and add or change the content on a regular basis.  When I
was first given the prototype months ago, I told my boss "it looks ok,
but it's so far from being proper html and css that I'm surprised that
it displays at all.".  Supposedly, the designer said he would take care
of that problem.  Yeah, right.  He didn't do squat.

Working in this festering gob of shit gives me a headache.  Making a
minor change in one place tends to cause the entire layout to get
borked.  The designer used a mixer of old style tags and new style css.
 So sometimes you'll see a proper "style='whatever'", while other times
you'll see a string of "background=black width=120" (yep, he doesn't
always quote!), or even both!

My biggest pet peeve.  Tables nested in tables nested in tables nested
in tables .........  It's impossible to keep track of the nesting.
Menus using a table?  WTF?  Hasn't he ever heard of unordered lists?  He
used tables for f*ing EVERYTHING.

Then there's the html newbie in the office who the boss let's loose on
the website.  His idea of placement involves the generous use of <br>.
I finally put my foot down and told him to either learn what the hell
he's doing or don't touch a damn thing.  Unfortunately, that leaves
little ol' me to do the scripting, except I'm the IT guy.  I'm busy
writing code that deals with data feeds, sql queries, and the back end
(plus removing the virus the boss installed on his computer because he
opened the attachement called "").  I don't have time
to deal with the front end, too, but the boss is too damn cheap to hire
someone with a f*ing clue.

I'll pay someone to kill me.

P.S. I hope IE 7 completely breaks the damn website.
P.P.S. I could prevent those dangerous attachments in email, except I
don't run the mail server, even though I am EXTREMELY well qualified to
do it.

God kills a kitten every time someone uses Internet Explorer

Re: So called professionals -rant

rossz wrote:
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If you don't like it so much, why not just quit?

 > I don't have time
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Present company included?


Re: So called professionals -rant

On Wed, 21 Sep 2005 07:31:50 +0100, rossz  

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I'd just put that down to past bad practice and lack of time, ive been  
doing this since 1999 when splash screens and marquee tags were all the  
rage back then...

given a blank slate and plenty of time (and a secured wage) our website would be a hell of a lot nicer...


Re: So called professionals -rant

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with your talents why can't you find a better job?

Re: So called professionals -rant

On Wed, 21 Sep 2005 06:31:50 GMT, rossz

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    If you really hate it that much, *fix it*.  That'll get you
more notice by your employer than you would realize.  

    It's easy to whine and complain.  It's a lot tougher to stand
up and do something about it.  



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