Small issue with navigation

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Hi everybody,

Some time ago, I asked for some advice concerning the design of my
website. One of the tips that were offered to me was to create a clearer
form of navigation.

At that point, the active menu item had a different background colour
than the others, and a little arrow icon to indicate the fact that it was
the active one. On hover of all the others, that same background and icon
would appear.

I've since removed the icon for the on hover event - but of course now,
when I hover over the active one, the icon disappears. You can see for
yourself how it looks right now: .

Is there a way to keep this icon? I'm not sure how to do this in css...
do I need to set the on hover event for the active one to another class
or something?

Thanks for the help!

Ivana Lottaspam
-- /
harvesting and understanding spam

Re: Small issue with navigation

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Add the background image to your hover, thus:

#navigation a:hover {
 background: #c5deff url('../img/arrow.gif') 96% 50% no-repeat;

instead of your

#navigation a:hover {
background: #c5deff 96% 50% no-repeat;


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