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There is a guy called David Carter running a web site to be found at

I came across it early this evening.  It is a poor quality web site that
does need to be improved.  Don't let the quality of the site detract from
the sentiment.  At the moment it looks to me like he is whistling in the
wind.  However with a little support from like mined people it will make a
big difference

I have no connection with David.  I do not know him, however I believe he
deserves some support from people who understand the nature of the current
jobs market and what is happening to industry in the UK & US.

My feeling is that this would not need to be a big development project.
Possibly somebody could give a little time for free of charge to help him
out.  If it takes off and gets a whole load of hits, that link to your own
web page showcasing your skills may be a great advert.

He can be contacted via the bbs he is running.

Re: Slightly OT (help needed)

One voice wrote:

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The UK government (and the US government and many other western governments)
highly subsidise our farming industries. This means that our farmers can
offer artificially low prices on their produce.

As the prices offered are so low, consumers in developing countries buy
their fruit and veg from producers in developed countries. So farmers in
developing countries can't make any sales.

So the farmers sell up, move to the city and get jobs in IT support, web
design, programming, etc. Western farmers stole their jobs, so they steal
western IT type jobs.

What goes around comes around.

If you want to make things fairer, petition the government to drop
subsidies for farmers. (And the US government to drop steel subsidies.)

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
Contact Me -

Re: Slightly OT (help needed) says...
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You do realize that was a stretch.....  

Whitecrest Entertainment

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Toby I agree with your sentiments.  If only it was IT jobs.

We are looking at call centres, administrative functions, finance,
paralegal.  Ultimately If it is a job that can be done in an office and
doesn't need to be customer facing, it can be shipped offshore.  The Western
world has already lost many of their manufacturing jobs to developing
nations.  If back office service jobs are to go, what then? Being a plumber
/ Flipping burgers is not answer, when nobody is able to make an income to
pay for your good or services.

At the moment there are no answers.  If farm / steel subsidies need to go
into the equation, so be it.

The issue is that the government seem to think there is no problem.  We need
more people to work in revenue generating jobs to pay taxes to support
health, education etc... If they are not there, those services will also

I won't take this conversation any further in this group.  Slightly OT is
bad enough

Thanks for at least taking the time to read the post

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One voice wrote:
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Would someone in, say, Australia providing web designs for a UK company be
considered to be part of "this disgusting and disgraceful practice" of

I'm afraid that it looks a little too jingoistic for my tastes - rather
close to a re-write of "they're coming over here and taking our jobs".

If you feel that any of the above is incorrect,
inappropriate or offensive in any way,
please ignore it and accept my apologies.

Re: Slightly OT (help needed)

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Peter I  understand what you say.  I have similar reservations myself.
However at this point it must be a cae of either joining and shaping the
debate; otherwise not because you don't believe it is a problem which needs
to be faced up to.  I believe that people would be as equally indignant if
Australians were bidding against people in the UK for all types of back
office jobs on the basis their labour costs were 10% of those in the UK.  We
all know they are not, and the reasons why.  I would even go on to say that
this "problem" may even raise it's head in Australia, if it has not already.

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