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Could people have a look at

I have a return form which I would like to be centred in the middle of the
page, however I can't seem to do it. Could anybody please check my source
HTML out and then add in a bit which will align my table in the middle. I
want all the componants to be alligned the same, but the whole table to be
shifted to the centre.


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Worked it out now!

Thanks all

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Re: Site problem

Quoth the raven Continental Translations:

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No... now it is all over to the right of my browser window. In fact, I
have to scroll farther right to see it all. My browser is ~780 pixels
wide. (800x600)

Try surrounding all that stuff with a <div> styled with a text-align:
center and probably some margin adjustments.

    -This space intentionally left blank.

Re: Site problem

Continental Translations wrote:

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Learn some CSS and center the table with CSS by setting
the body to "text-align:center;" and the table to "margin:0px auto;"

The page really needs re-writing -- is is using coding methods
circa 1997.  Links to CSS tutorials are at
and pull down the menu and choose CSS.  You'll need to do a bit of study
before you understand exactly how to hook it up, but it's really not hard.

Re: Site problem

Cheers for the advice

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Re: Site problem

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You also need to revisit the structure of the form/table; you have
serious accessibility problems due to the linearization of your layout

i.e. Things are presented out-of-sequence such that it would be
impossible for anyone using assistive technology (screen-readers,
talking browsers, etc.) to fill the form in.


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