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Its in development, and rough in *alot* of places and my style sheet is
going to be touched up alot, but I was wondering if anyone would share their
initial impression of this website. Many thanks.

Oh, and I seem to be getting a small space (for example on the main forum
page) which is present on some pages and not others. You will notice it just
down from the menu (a space of about 3 pixels). The code on both pages looks
identical, and im stuck. Many thanks for reading.

Re: Site Opinions wanted

Steve Macleod schrieb:
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Well, it's rough in a lot of places, particularly the first heading:
"Now in it's Tenth Year!" should be "Now in its Tenth Year!". Other than
that, nice blue color scheme.


Re: Site Opinions wanted

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and "sign up if you're not" as opposed to "your not".
and "you must be signed in..." not "you must be sign in..."
But I'm just picky.

Re: Site Opinions wanted

Steve Macleod wrote in message ...
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Just a *little* niggle whenever I see it.

FAQ means "Frequently Asked Questions"

so ...

FAQs is just not right  :~(

Re: Site Opinions wanted

Thats a good point, actually.

From this moment on, I will never do it again.

Im glad someone pointed it out.

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Re: Site Opinions wanted

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Actually FAQ can mean literally 'Frequently Asked Questions' or it can
refer to a document collecting those questions. In the latter case, it
makes sense to pluralize the acronym. FAQ's or FAQs is fine.

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Re: Site Opinions wanted

Andrew Glasgow wrote:
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Saying that most sites just make them up, I use Q&A (Questions and
Answers) myself, that or I once put as a title

Frequently Asked Questions (Or I may have just made them up)


Re: Site Opinions wanted

feverishly typed:

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Maybe it's a Gollum thing? "Frequently Asked Questionses" ;-)


Nigel Moss.

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Re: Site Opinions wanted says...
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Awesome, I can vote over and over when I press the back button....

Whitecrest Entertainment

Re: Site Opinions wanted


That will be fixed soon enough! In the mean time have fun though...

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Re: Site Opinions wanted

It looks a lot better than anything I could produce, but that's not saying

Tom Alciere

Re: Site Opinions wanted

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I don't see anything 'rough'.  It is a nice website.  You may want to do a
rollover technique for the tab links at the top.  Try changing the 'vote'
button to either white or orange lettering.  That black does not show up
well to these old eyes.  I am assuming that your Home link (first page) is
actually going to have a link behind it and is going to be included on all
pages?  Since you are using tables throughout, you may want to use table
width percentages to make the page a full page in any window size.

I am a Jazz freak first, blues second, bluegrass third.  This sounds like a
great event!
Take Care,  Sharon Lane

Re: Site Opinions wanted

Sharon wrote:
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Yes, visitors browse in with varied font sizes
on consoles of different sizes, using all sizes of windows.

Here is a useful test:
One should be able to grab the bottom right corner of the window with
the mouse and resize it through a range from very wide to very narrow.  

No horizontal scroll bar should appear at any stop.
The text should rearrange itself within all the window sizes.  

You should be able to resize the font size in the window
and do the window resizing test again, successfully.  

You can still use tables
(if you *must*),
but widths really should be set with '%' (percentages).
Example:  width="200px" --bad
          width="18%"  -- good.
cheers  m

Re: Site Opinions wanted

m wrote:
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I see the menu is set up as an image map on the full width banner. If
you could figure out a way to break that up so the menu could tuck down
a row in a narrower screen, it doesn't need to squeeze to tiny widths
but would be better if it could squeeze more than that. Just put the two
parts inline & they will wrap down when the window shrinks.

Re: Site Opinions wanted

Thanks for your feedback.

Its very intertesting to me because its relevant to the kind of demographic
im designing the site for. The style sheet has not be perfected at all yet,
and I will be sorting all the colours pretty soon. In the mean time is there
any other parts that are hard to read?

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