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Re: Site Critique

dorayme wrote:

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Looks okay to me. Of course, I'm also on a mac and in the same time
zone and we don't do daylight savings.

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Re: Site Critique wrote:

[snip good advice about look of gallery]

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Only don't aim for their setup.
First you have to have Flash installed, and your browser needs to
support frames. Then you have to wait till you get to see a
navigation, and then wait for the next navigation. No shortcut.
Then, if your window is narrower than 917px, thumbs will start
'falling' off, and there isn't even a scrollbar to get to them.

The only 'attractive' bit about this site is the black background
colour and the 'nice' flash navigation. IMO of course :-)

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Re: Site Critique wrote:
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After waiting about five seconds for the annoying Flash effect which
fades the menu in to finish, and then waiting another three seconds for
the same effect to finish on the "photographers" page, I finally got to
click on one of the photographer's names. I expected a mind-blowing
gallery to pop out. Perhaps it would sense the photo I wanted to see
before I clicked, or make hard copies of the photos materialize before
my eyes. This gallery must be the greatest innovation of all time, I

And then, it loaded. I saw a bog-standard photo gallery: nine photos
displayed in a grid with no spacing between them.

No offense, but the only special thing I saw on that site was the
artificially-inflated loading times. Hardly usable, and not particularly
beautiful to my eyes.

Re: Site Critique

I like the gallery you showed me, but kind of on the same note as what Els
responded to your reply with, with the flash and all I think it might be a
little to0 riddled more shabang than I'm willing to invest in a site im
making for a hobby more than anything. However, I totally agree that the
galleries need to look nice and that's what I'm having the hardest time
doing. Originally I was going to have a feature that allowed people to
custimize their galleries (and that is the main reason my css is so messed
up right now). Do you think that's the sort of thing that people would go
Anyways, I'm taking in everyone's suggestions and I am going to be working
on this for the next couple of hours, so uh, I'll be back later, I guess.


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Re: Site Critique


Nothing at the site makes me want to read more.  The plain black on white is
harsh.  The large white space at the right edge of the screen is wasted
space.  Why did you use tables for layout?

I would set the background to a very light grey, or maybe even mix a little
colour into it.  Something very close to white but not quite there.

I would also chop down the amount of text on the main page.  Reduce the
amount of reading that has to be done to figure out what the site is about.

I would also make use of the full width of the user's viewport.  Set a
margin of 1 or 2 ems, not 20%!


Lee Marsh wrote:

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Carolyn & Chantal Marenger
77 Kincardine St. E.
Alexandria, ON  K0C 1A0, Canada
(613) 525-3012

Re: Site Critique

Lee Marsh wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I stopped reading when I came to this bit of the TOS:

"Once a file has been uploaded by a user, that file becomes the property
of Photoshack and it's [sic] proprietor."

Re: Site Critique

Lee Marsh wrote:
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No the reason you are not attracting or keeping users is that you aren't
offering anything to the visitor they can not get somewhere else like
Yahoo photos, or a billion other professional photo sharing sites.  All
of which are professionally done, featured filled, and free.

The best you can hope for is a few friends and family will use your
site.  That is until they find one of the other free photo sharing sites.


Re: Site Critique

Lee Marsh wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

A few starting tips:

1. Consider validating.

2. Give your pages individual titles.  Loads of pages with the same
title are difficult to distinguish in the back button history and in
search engines.

3. The box for entering an album password should be of type="password",
not type="text".

4. A few typos:

- Two instances of "it's" instead of "its"
- "Users' of Photoshack" -> "Users of Photoshack"

help.php - Add New Photos
- "creat an album" -> "create an album"

help.php - Change A Photos Filename
-> "Change a Photo's Filename"
- "reads' Manage Settings'" -> "reads 'Manage Settings'" (also on some
other pages)
- "names.If" -> "names. If"

I haven't had the time to finish looking....


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