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Sorry, but the Pages formerly available at
having Form Mail or Post Uploads functionality are no longer available.

Here is what the host,, says about it:

From: 11:40 a.m. 01/01/08


We don't support nobody scripts in any of our servers. Because, on the
previous week we had an attack to one of our server and caused a major
downtime. That is why we have disabled "nobody" scripts to send emails,
form submission etc. Clients who wants to use form mail feature should
have to use "smtp authentication" method to send emails from forms,
scripts etc. Thanks,


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Neredbojias /
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Re: Site Crippled

Neredbojias wrote:
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Sounds like time to get a new hosting service.

Ed Mullen
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Re: Site Crippled

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Agreed, and I did.  Moved from .net to .org.  But I have a 2-year
contract on the former (which fighting, while I may be legally right,
would undoubtedly prove futile) so I'll restructure the .net site
somewhat to workaround their lack of, uh, fortitude.  Ah heck, it'll
give me more to play with, right?

Not sure exactly what I'll do yet.  The adult .net site still works (via
direct url), but those with p/ws (-or seeking them) should really move
to .org.  Anyway, it's not like the site(s) get(s) Google-level traffic
or anything.

Neredbojias /
Great Sights and Sounds (adult)

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