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Hi User,

what do you think about

Just the GERMAN part please.
I know, that the English part is a mess.

If you have feedback for me, it will be great,
to know more than "oh, how ugly!"

Please tell me in this case:
- which link you talk about
- which browser and which version of it you use
- your screen resolution
- your color depth

and please tell me WHAT is the problem.
E.g. the "menue xy confuses me" or "the red color top leaft border does =
not be in harmony with the green color very base" etc.


If somebody has some minutes and speaks German:

Can you please stop the seconds / minutes/ clicks you need,
to find out:

1) "How much are Metastock data end-of-day a month"?

2) "Where can you trade Forex for free"?

3) What does "CTL" (connected with WHS) mean?

Thank you very much in advance!


Re: Site Check please!

Nicole wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

So is the German part.  Where to begin...?

1. Very old DOCTYPE. Use 4.01 Strict for new work:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN"
   " ">

2. Last century markup. Overuse of tables for layout.

3. "<!-- Hide script from older browsers" - "// end hiding contents -->"
Not necessary as nobody uses those browsers any more. Might have been
valid 10-12 years ago.

4.   Der
  <b>Tiger Trading Club</b>
  ist ein internationaler Club von Börsianern mit dem
  <b>Ziel,</b> ...
Use CSS instead.

5. You have a <form> in a table header cell <th>. But later you use:
   <th colspan=3 bgcolor="white" class="weiss"><font
I would write that as:
  <th colspan=3 class="weiss">profit</th>
and put the styling in the CSS style sheet.

6. Use CSS margins and padding instead of:

7. You use transparent gifs for spacing. Use CSS instead.

8. I'm American. I don't see an American flag.. what shall I do?

9. Did I mention overuse of tables?  I would show my products in <div>
elements, and float them.

In other words, advance to the 21st century! The above should get you
started. But before you begin re-writing this layout, study something
modern. This series of templates is quite good.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Sorry, I only speak English.

   -Friends don't let friends drive Windows

Re: Site Check please!

Nicole wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Do you know about the NG alt.html.critique?
I am not setting a followup nor even cross-posting there, but in future,
you might post such requests in that group.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I'll be amazed if my color depth is relevant to anything we discuss
together. I'm pretty sure my screen resolution won't matter either.

Testing your Home page on
FF2.0.0.20, Windows XP, 1280x1024, 32bit, JS off, wind from the west.

First things first: Validity checks.
Your markup has 4 errors, the first 3 of which are due to missing
quotation marks. /

Your CSS has a few errors, which I guess are from your attempt to
provide some scrollbars of your own, in some colors. /

Your doctype puts browsers into Quirks mode.

Mark up your header text ("Der Tiger Trading Club ist ...") as such
(using <h1>, for example).

Don't use px to set font sizes. Use percentage (100%) or em (1em) units

The main element of the Home page is a table with five columns (three
Profit and two non-profit). I'm not a Börsianer so I don't know what's
interesting about the page, but I assume the columns are logically
arranged. What seems really unclear to me are the images.

The first two columns contain animated GIFs, where every once in a while
a train will go by. The train on the left moves to the right. The one on
the right moves to the left. They crash in the middle, where we can't
see the wreckage or hear the screams of the wounded. What message are
these trains supposed to convey? The current financial crisis?

The second column has a huge check mark, suggesting to me that something
is O.K.  I don't see what that is, but it's okay, whatever it is.

The fourth column has a book (which appears to be an icon stolen from
some Microsoft documentation). This seems a fair match to the "FaQ" link
below it.

The fifth column is clip art of some people standing around (mostly
looking away from each other). Who are they, and why are they on this page?

Since these images turn out to be links (although it's not immediately
obvious), you might at least put in some title attributes to give the
user a clue as to what the links are for.

While I'm on the subject of images, the Da Vinci detail is, um, cute,
but seems a little out of place.

Is this site just a hobby site? It says "Profit" over three of the
columns, so maybe you're trying to do business here, in which case, I
would suggest employing a graphic professional. If it's just for a few
friends, then it's okay to have the current look, which not very

I know what date it is, the clock is wrong, and the only thing the
visitor count (2160) tells me is that not many people visit the page.
I'd suggest that you remove that line at the bottom of the page.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I don't even understand this question, but I'll dig into it anyway.

Nach drei Minuten vermute ich, MetaStock ist eine Software, die mir
erlaubt, gewisse Infos zu lesen oder analysieren. Dann ist wohl
"End-of-day" eines der möglichlichen Daten, und dies kostet, pro Monat,
irgend eine Menge Geld, und ich soll herausfinden, wieviel. I'll keep

Aha! Nach weiteren drei Minuten habe ich eine Antwort: $499. Dies aber
nur nachdem ich das Menü oben entdeckt habe (2 Minuten nach "keep
looking" oben). Ich musste auch hin und her klicken, bis ich endlich
begriffen habe, dieses Menü soll Sub-Menüs sein. Als ich z.B. "Preise"
endliche entdeckt habe, kamen die Preise zum TradeStation (ich wusste
nicht wieso). Dann habe ich auf MS (2. Reihe) geklickt und die Preise
verschwanden. Dann wieder auf "Preise", und ... Freude herrscht.

Also zwei Tipps:
Das Menü ist, ähm, nicht attraktiv und, noch schlimmer, nicht als Menü
verständlich. Es besteht aus verschiedene Vierecken in sechs
verschiedenen Höhen, und unterschiedlichen Breiten.

These 30 different rectangles are confusing (and not at all attractive),
so I recommend, as a minimum, simplifying the menu, if not reworking it
with a graphics designer.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Keine Ahnung. After 12 minutes, I give up. Maybe it's my lack of trading
knowledge, but I can't see where that's possible. I stayed on the German
pages, clicked determiniedly, tried using the Search function I saw on
the Home page, studied the Site map, and... well, gave up. Sorry.

Quoted text here. Click to load it
"CTL ist die Programmiersprache von WHS." Gefunden während meiner Suche
auf #2.

Ich habe erwartet, dass ich die Aufgaben #2 und #3 viel schneller gehen
wurde, nachdem ich das Menü bei #1 kennengelernt habe. Aber so war es nicht.

I never found #2, and #3 was just accidental as I searched for #2, so
having figured out the menu during #1 did not help me as much as I expected.

I did determine that the text seems a bit too small for me to use at
your defaults. I had to bump it up at least one notch. Mostly, the lines
seem too close together.

The menu on is very wide, and
just barely fits in my browser at max width.

Margins at the bottom of pages are too long. They present a waste of
space, and unnecessary scrolling.

The site owners can only be reached by manual entering of an e-mail
address from a poorly legible graphic image at mail_adresse.shtml.
Nobody can tell in what town, country, or contintent Tiger Trading might
be located at. There's no phone contact. I would be, at best, extremely
reluctant to share info or money with this site.

And meanwhile, during my quick research, I came to the conclusion the
site is not really a club after all, but a store for four product lines
of software, and the programming of Easy Language, for which one can
pay. Quite possibly I am off base here, but that's what it seems like
after a quick hour (gulp!) on the site.


Trivia Question: Who was the 43rd President of the USA?

Re: Site Check please!

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Gulp indeed. How time flies sitting at computers!


Re: Site Check please! (OT)

John Hosking wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Very tenacious!

HTH != John Hosking

Very curious how it came for an American to be transplanted to Zug,


Re: Site Check please! (OT)

Gus Richter wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Are you saying this *didn't* help? (Or, you know, couldn't?)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

American? Where did you get that?

I can see where you got the Zug thing, even if it's not quite accurate.

As for how I got where I am, well, there was this girl...

Possessive "its" has no apostrophe. Even on the Internet.

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