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Hey everyone,  I am looking for your thoughts and opinions.

Is it preferable to have one css file containing all the style information
or break it up into multiple imported files for different types of
formatting.  For example, one file for page layout related items and
another for text formattion?

I have seen different combinations on different pages, and am wondering
which people find is easier to maintain.  Being from a coding background
myself, I like to keep related things together, and move the rest to a
different file, or files.  Also being from a coding background, I'd prefer
to learn by reading about others mistakes than duplicating them myself.

Thanks,  Carolyn

Re: single or multiple CSS files

in alt.html, Carolyn Marenger wrote:
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Also in ciwas. Don't multipost. See my reply there. It is not perfect, as
I stopped writing it on moment I saw this.

Lauri Raittila < <
Utrecht, NL.

OT Re: single or multiple CSS files

On Thu, 03 Mar 2005 22:03:50 +0100, Lauri Raittila wrote:

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Yes it was.  Sorry to offend you.  I did see the reply there, and you had
some valid points, which I will reply to there.  I am new to these two
newsgroups, but not to newsgroups.  The others I frequent, don't object to
crossposting - when the topic is relevant to both (or all) newsgroups.
CSS being related to HTML, I followed that guideline.  I will keep your
preference in mind next time.


Re: single or multiple CSS files

Carolyn Marenger wrote :
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I think it depends on what you are trying to accomplish....

As I have some sites that use the same layout, but different colours,
banners, images, I use two style sheets.

one for the layout of the pages, and the other for the colour.

eg... stylelayoutA.css contains things like.....


eg... stylebrandingXYZ.css contains things like.....


This way, all my clients may use the same layout style, but they can
brand it to whatever they like.

eat beef jerky

Re: single or multiple CSS files

It was somewhere outside Barstow when Carolyn Marenger

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(IMHO)   Both.   One <link> element, but @imports inside this CSS file
to join the modules.  The referenced CSS document might just be called
"main.css" and only the imported ones get names like

Some browser somewhere will break. I don't care.

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