Simple? Pluggable architecture for POS, registration, "frequent buyers" etc?

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A friend of mine is making simple web pages for clients only interested in
the basic web presence.  She has bumped into a couple clients however that
would like to branch into online purchasing, credit card transactions, and
possible registration for automatic frequent buyer tabulation.

Is there a simplistic (hopefully freeware) product out there to manage most
of that that she could "plug into" her existing pages with only a minimum of

I'm a java engineer, so I cannot help her here, without actually doing the
coding for her.  This needs to be something she can do, and I'm unsure where
to start looking.  For example, she's very comfortable with HTML, but not
with flash, if that helps any.


Very old classic: Three men check into a hotel: the
room is $25 for the night.  They each hand the bellhop
$10 and ask him to bring back the change.  When the
bellhop returns with the $5 change, the men figure it's
easiest math to give $1 back to each of them and leave
$2 to the bellhop as a tip.  Now each man paid $9 for
a total of $27.  The bellhop got $2, that makes $29.
What happened to the last $1?
Answer (rot13): Unir gb or pnershy ubj lbh nqq guvf hc.
Gur guerr zra cnvq $27 gbgny, BHG BS JUVPU $2 jrag gb
gur oryyubc.

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