Simple link not working on single PC

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Ages ago we produced

All works, but unfortunately on one PC of my clients (and only this PC) the
buttons at the top do not work.

They are just simple hyperlinks

Any idea why?

He's using IE6SP2 and I've reset all settings etc.


Re: Simple link not working on single PC

Aaron Whiffin wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Just a couple of shots in the dark:

Maybe it would help if you inserted a space before 'border' in the <img>
Quoted text here. Click to load it

And maybe it would help if you actually called your function "prenav" in an
onload event so the browser doesn't have to go hunting for images on the
server when a mouseover occurs,

But frankly I think it's time to update the whole site. Get rid of the
frames. Get rid of the bare mailto links. Stop using tables. Try defining a
background colour for the page. If you're using plain blue text for links,
don't use plain blue text for anything else.

I could go on... :-)

phil [dot] ronan @ virgin [dot] net /

Re: Simple link not working on single PC

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Will do

Surely that's just for image loading times - but I shall modify anyway

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I appreciate that, but this site was made a while ago and suited our client
very good at the time.

Now it does what he wants, and if he wants an update will shall glady oblige
and remove tables etc ...

But unfortunately we do not have the time to update clients' sites as and
when we want to free of charge.

Al lot of the time we have to add features for clients that we do not even
agree with, but if a client wants pop up windows, animatins and sounds, and
they pay us for that, who are we to argue ;o)

We can only offer advice - I'm sure you appreciate that

Thanks for your help


Re: Simple link not working on single PC

Aaron Whiffin wrote:

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Is your client an expert on web design?

If no, then they should value your advise when you tell them that flashing
pictures, sounds and pop-up windows are stupid.

If yes, then why did they hire you?

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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Re: Simple link not working on single PC

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I understand what you are saying Aaron! The real world is not how Toby is
picturing it. The class of web clients does not have just two sub-classes
(1) Those who know nothing much and put all their trust in their web
contractor and give him just the things the contractor asks for and nothing
else and (2) Those who are web experts but are so foolish that they do not
save their money and do it themselves, instead preferring to micromanage at
length the contractor's efforts. There are a lot more subclasses and it gets
complicated and a man sometimes has to be practical to make a quid to put
bread on the table. And there are worse things that men do in this regard
than a few animations and tricks on a web page.

The right thing to do, i suppose, is to advise the client well, but in the
end, try as best as possible to accommodate him. In all this, it gets
complex and there are no simple answers. To tell the truth, I am too
stubborn for my own pocket: I have employed delaying tactics to avoid doing
what i think is silly, sometimes going some of the way and so on till we are
all relatively happy!

(Toby, don't take any offence. I like unworldly a lot actually...)


Re: Simple link not working on single PC

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Too true

I have only come on here for some friendly advise, not to get the way I work

I'm sorry if my post has caused any problems, but it shouldn't have done.
Yes, we sell web sites, and I genuinely believe they are of a good qality
and good value for money.

If you sell diggers and a client comes in saying that they want to bury
their goldfish, you will advise that they buy a spade. If they say that they
want a digger, because their friends have diggers, you may reply and say
that although a digger will do the job, it will cause more problems and cost
too much. They then tell you that they want a digger, are you going to sell
them a digger or not? You will sell them the digger, but advise them one
last time that a spade would be a better solution. You then ask a question
on usenet about why a part of the digger doesn't work, and suddenly get a
lot of garders moaning at you for selling a digger instead of a spade!

If anyone has any ideas what the problem could be, if anyone can help,
please post.

Otherwise please consider this therad closed



(thanks for your support dorayme)

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