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Here is how i create a Dynamic Tab notebook. in 8 lines of code
it is fast and reliable, multi browser compatibility and lots
more. My tookit does what all the others do with PAIN completely
pain free.

-----------------code sniplet begin----------------------------------
set menus {
    Home    "Home"
    Documents    "Online Documents"
    Developers    "Developers Corner"
    Repository    "Repository"

table width=100% height=100% cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 border=0 {
    table_row {
    table_data valign=bottom {
        tk::notebook::2 -variable page -bdcolor steelblue -menus $menus
-----------------code sniplet----------------------------------

Remember the term "Re-Usable" library ? Wonder what happened to it ?
While others want to give you pain and empty your pockets and send
you to all kinds of courses and then loan you consultants to help
you with your project.

Simple is beautiful. why use an assembly like language as in HTML
when you can use and re-use your libraries and write real online
application in days all on your own. No out-sourcing is required
since you on your own can write "AN APPLICATION IN A WEEK" and
that is not a gimic, its for real.

My toolkit if FREE to all you good and hard working people. Let's
show the big wigs how it should be done in the first place.

The Toolkit:
    -Full state maintenance
    -RDMBS built in (sqlite), but you can also use:
     Oracle, Sybase, Postgress, Mysql and others.
    -you just code your pages in a "REAL" language and make
     library calls to get things done.
    -fix your problems 100% remotely from any machine
    -self documented online code
    and much more....

Interested ?

send email to "MH at" and i will ship you the entire code
to make you FREE once and for all.

Re: Simple is beautiful

Mel wrote:

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And appears to abuse tables for layout. Tabtastic doesn't.
David Dorward       < <
                     Home is where the ~/.bashrc is

Re: Simple is beautiful

I decided to use the table as an example. YOU can use whatever and
however you prefere. to TABLE or NOTABLE was not the question or the
anwer. its the APPROACH. I am sorry if i did not convey that message to
you clearly

My apologies

Re: Simple is beautiful

Mel wrote:

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why dont you put your public freedom offering online so people can download

shopping is NOT a sport

Re: Simple is beautiful

do you have a server where i can place my toolkit ? i sure dont have
one and emailing so far is the onlyway to do it. thanks for your
concern, but your help with the server is more appreciated

Re: Simple is beautiful

Mel wrote:
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Please advertise elsewhere. Very very bad taste....

Take care,

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