Simple Intranet Form

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I would like to create a simple web page to be used on our intranet.
In one list box, I would like to have a list of different monthly
reports.  In a second list box I would like to have the dates of the
last 12 month end days.  When I select the report and the date and hit
a button, I would like the proper report for the proper month to open
up.  The reports are in different folders on our shared network drive
and they all use similar naming conventions (i.e.
Report_Name_01-2006.xls).  The list box with the report names in it
would not change from month to month, however, I would like the dates
in the date list box to update depending on the current date.  So, if I
open the web page up in February 2006, the dates should read Jan 2006,
Dec 2005, and so on.   The idea here is that we have many reports in
many places on the shared drive, so this would be a simple place to go
find them all.

I know this is possible to do, however I have limited tools and skills.
 Could someone please let me know if there are any samples I could look
at or perhaps how I should approach this task.


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