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From an email I just sent to my church for whom I maintain their web

Pleasant Surprise

Today I prepared the Communion helpers schedules for the web -
provided to me as Excel files which I converted for posting on the
web.  Previously, I have had to convert & post these as PDF files
but now I can revert to posting them as simple HTML files - easy to

The change is because I recently starting using Open Office rather
then Microsoft's Office (big difference: $0 vs over $100s).  Open
Office does HTML conversions neatly - into simple HTML code (the
"Save As" thing).  In contrast, MicroSoft Excel's conversions for
the web include excessive use of css (Cascade Style Sheets) coding
which bloats the file to three times previous size and makes it
almost impossible to edit. (The extra precision of MS's conversions
is much more than we need).

Up till now, I converted Excel files to PDF for the web - and PDF
is always 3 or more times the size and complexity of straight HTML.


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JohnW-Mpls schreef:
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Is there any reason you're sharing this with us?


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Frankly I'm glad he did share this with us.   For me it's new knowledge
and I'm glad of it.  I may / may not act on it but it could be useful to

A prime reason for subscribing to a group I would have thought.
John Clayton

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Thanks. It's always interesting to have real first-hand experience.

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