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  I'm new to using forms and have tried to find an answer to the
following questions through various on-line tutorials but so far no
  Bascially, my questions is this. I want to present a form to the user
of my site but I don't want to make any of the fields mandatory. And
since they are not mandatory I want to be able to fill in default
values for all fields that the user doesn't enter data. But I DO NOT
want to present the default value to the user in any particular field,
only to use that default value once the user hits the submit button.
  For example, let's say I have a "description" field. If the user
doesn't enter a description I want the description field to pass a
value of "to be entered later" once the user hits the submit button but
I don't want to actually display "to be entered later" to the user.
  Thanks for any help.


Re: simple form question

ukrbend wrote:
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You can use javasript to validate the form, but that is probalby ot the
best idea since some people have javascript turned off.

The best way is in the page you send the form to, the server side
script, you check for for responses there. Ig they have entered one,
then use that, if not,then use what ever or default is.  The user never
sees it.

Re: simple form question says...
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Get your server-side form handler to deal with this for you.


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