simple flat file based web-DB

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For a project I need a web-app for our Intranet which is used to enter
important company events. I need something quick and dirty

The functionality of the application is very simple:
1. should be able to input new events (7 fields)
2. should be able to view whole table
3. should be able to modify/delete records

It should be based on a flat separated text file.

I'm not an HTML wizard and I can't find some example code on the Internet
and I don't have time to invest in learning to really use the FORM tags and

Hopefully someone out there doesn't think I'm a lazy dweeb and can help



the Netherlands

Re: simple flat file based web-DB

Nobody wrote:
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You can be as lazy as you like if you're paying real money ;o)

William Tasso -

Re: simple flat file based web-DB

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Why ?    You can D/L and install PHP & MySQL for free, or your ISP
probably already offers them.  If the code to make this work is
already there for the asking, then developing any "simple" solution
_from_scratch_ is actually more work for you.

Given the state of the market right now, hire someone who already
knows how to do this.

If you want to do it yourself, then you'll get a better answer by
telling us what platform the server runs under, and what the available
tools are.

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