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By reducing the size of my browser window the page layout shrinks two
Now I would like this to stop at a certain size (400px).
Is that possible?


Re: shrink to at a certain size

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min-width might be the thing you will find helpful, it is a CSS
instruction that puts a lower limit on the width of an element. It makes
the element stop shrinking at the the px setting you specify. But this
does not mean the browser window will suddenly seem to hit a physical
barrier, the window might still happily go smaller but will cut off the
element concerned and scrollbars will come up.

It's a bit like wanting but being unable to stop a shopkeeper from
leaving his shop but at least getting him to have the decency to leave a
note to say when he will be back so you know what to do.

If you really absolutely do not want the browser window not to go below
a certain width, I suggest you tell your mum to come in and stand there.
If she sees you approaching the limit, get her to give you a swipe with
a rolled up newspaper.


Re: shrink to at a certain size

Decrypt wrote:

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Unfortunately, you can only control so much (or maybe that's fortunate)
of what a web surfer can do/how they view your site.  I'd suggest
designing it so work in any size, even if it doesn't look good in some
resolutions, and then try and make it look good for all of them (to a
reasonable point).  No matter what steps you take, someone will not be
viewing your site in an optimal manner.  I'd just make it generally
good and not sweat the people that make it harder on themselves.
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