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Hi all,

I am showing an image that consists of a static background and a server
generated transparent foreground. This works fine, but I would like the
browser to show the 2 images simultaneously. Now it shows the static
background first, and then starts loading the GIF foreground. After about a
second, the image is complete.

Is there a (preferably pure html) solution that lets the browser wait until
both images are available, and then show them both at the same time?


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Re: Show all images simultaneously

Cycloop wrote:
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Cant be done, sorry. TO do this sort of thing, you HAVE to use
scripting. HTML is a dumb markup language. It doesn't contain any logic
to allow this sort of thing natively. Use JavaScript if you must, or
consider other technologies like Flash.


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Re: Show all images simultaneously

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Well, you're already said you are generating one of the
images on the server, so the "pure html solution" is to
have a single image tag in your html, and have it point
to a single image that is generated by the server, which
consists of the foreground image merged with the background.

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