Should I feel complimented?

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They say that impersonation is a form of flattery. Should I feel flattered
that the designer of , not only copied my text
Verbatim and used it on his web design business site, but he copied my
graphics and is using them also!... Worst part of it is....They look

Complimentary as it may be I have contacted him and his host.


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Re: Should I feel complimented?

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is....They look

I'm sorry. Your site, of course, looks professional.

I don't remember the site or its name but I'm sure I've seen it posted, one
where you can check for pirated sites or if someone is pirating yours.

Can anyone help?


Re: Should I feel complimented?

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Re: Should I feel complimented?

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Sorry. I meant, though it seems unreachable to me
right now. I don't know why.

Re: Should I feel complimented?


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Well, I'd do a Whois query snapshot and highlight/circle the created
date, for both your domain and the perp's domain. Then send print
those and send via snail mail, as well as sending via email, so the
perp's host will see for themselves the "copyright" created date.

Now on the flip side, verbatim would include every single word, which
it looks as though he has used your site as a template as far as
verbage, but not wholly.  

What is it that is more objectionable, layout copying, or verbage?
Graphics theft (gold bullet ?)?  Did you actually make the gold
bullet, or get it from a clip art package, if you got it from a clip
art package, then the valid objection is more of design.

Consider the fact that there are so many ways to say certain things,
I've got some bookmarks, four of which begin with "Welcome to", now
two of the sites are sister sites: / /

The others: /

Put before a court of law these issue and other similar ones would
probably come up, for instance, the use of splash pages, home pages,
site maps, galleries, etc...


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Re: Should I feel complimented?

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Oh... thats awsome.  I just laughed so hard.

Thanks :)

I can't beleive someone would actually do that... and do it so
horribly!  Sheesh!

I'm glad you have taken measures to correct this.  Don't back down.
He should get in trouble.

Re: Should I feel complimented?

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As of now, 7/6/03 at 9pm CST, site is back to the way it was...Swish
movie and all.

I wouldn't worry about this guy.  His current site shows his ability (or
lack thereof).

Re: Should I feel complimented?

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A while back I discovered that someone had copied text from my web =
design business site and used it. While I was dealing with that, I took =
chunks of that text and did a Google search on it, and found 10 other =
sites using the same page of text! Maybe of them kept the formatting and =
every word exactly the way it was.

I was steamed! I wrote to all of them, and about half apologized =
(although it was always some "colleague" who had done it) and took the =
text down. The other 5 or so never even responded, and continue to use =
my original work. I haven't done any more searches, because I'm pretty =
sure it's spread even farther by now.

Getting to the point  :-)  I think it's wise to take some measure to =
protect your original text. At the very least, print it out and mail it =
to yourself, keeping the sealed postmarked letter as proof that you had =
written the text as of a certain date. It could at least help give you =
some clout if and when you have to confront someone in the future.

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Re: Should I feel complimented?

This sort of thing happens all the time. It's almost always a designer so
braindead that they haven't been able to update their skills whatsoever in
several years. The crap in their portfolio hasn't been considered good since

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