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Hi There,

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but does anyone have any
ideas what is the best free CGI/PERL shopping cart i could use for my site.
I have MySQL installed on my server too so this may be usefull.

I have searched google but seem to just find ones that are being sold.

I want it to allow me to easily add/manage stock but also be able to
template it so it fits in with the design of my site.

Thanks in advance.



Re: Shopping Basket

Jamie Allison wrote:
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A perl newsgroup maybe had been more relevant for the question, I think you
get more luck with PHP, but take a look at, there are a good
deal of opensource projects in their database.



Re: Shopping Basket

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I found it hard to get just what I wanted and you may be best having a go a
coding it yourself in PHP. Mine took a few evenings to make but has buy
multiple, get some free code included, store codes, add, remove and
thumbails. It connects to Paypl and a COMODO system and supports Euros,
dollars and pounds. You either have to get lucky or take the development
route. You can see my cart at

Having built my site and developed it for 3 or 4 years now the shopping cart
was the biggest single thing that hit sales. I think I got x4 or x5 the
number of sales when the cart was added. If you think hard about what you
need you may get the sales boost to pay for a custom one to be developed.
People at the cart page are ready to spend money with you so it is the right
place to increase the order value.

Good luck with your quest and I hope you get the sales you are after.

Re: Shopping Basket

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed ""

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I agree with you completely.  I have always done my own shopping carts -
that way I KNOW it's right, and I know that the markup is right, and it
looks/behaves the way it should.

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