Shadow right border? background-repeat with DIV?

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I'm trying integrate a new website's look and feel with an old website
who's sources and servers we don't have access to. I'm pretty close,
but there are some details I still need. Namely, the shadowing under
the menus and to the right the usuable work space on the page.

I have two images they used for shadowing. One is used for horizontal
shadowing under a menu control and the other vertically on the right
of usable space.

Those images are bg_top_shadow.gif and bg_right_showdow.gif.

When I do a view source of the old sites page, clearly I can't see all
the css information, but do see one of the rendered shadows is done
under a table as follows:

<TD style="BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(UofM_Images\shadow.gif); WIDTH: 2%;
BACKGROUND-REPEAT: repeat" valign="top" align="left" height="100%"

My problem is I don't want to use a tables to lay out my masterpage

Can I accomplish the same effect with DIV and SPAN?

Currently my page header is just DIV of a given dimension. Say I want
to repeat the top shadow image below it.

Thank you for any help or information!

Re: Shadow right border? background-repeat with DIV?

jc wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

The CSS may not be embedded in the HTML, but if you can do a View Source
you certainly can see the CSS, too. The easy way is to use the Web
Developer extension in Firefox. CTRL+SHIFT+C and all the CSS will be
shown in a new tab.

Saving the rendered page as "web page complete" may do, as well, though
it won't save graphics or other files that are only referenced in CSS or

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I see yet another design suffering from div-itis on the horizon. :(

Your code snippets are insufficient to give you proper guidance, but
there is always more than one way to accomplish whatever your goal is.

Post a URL showing your attempt.


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