SEO software... which is best?

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Does any of you have experience in SEO software packages that analyzes
your pages optimization, ranking etc. etc.

Any suggestions?

Re: SEO software... which is best?

I was about to purchase webceo pro, but thought i'd ask here first.

Cinnamon Thunder wrote:
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Re: SEO software... which is best?

Cinnamon Thunder wrote:
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I use for submitting my websites to the Search
However, I would not really recomend useing a lot of the so called seo
techneques, as recomended by a lot of "experts".
Well, but their is a few things you can do.
Use the Title and description effectivly in your Meta Tags, make sure
you have a lot of links from other sites pointing to your site, but
make sure they are relevent.
I would also recomend having heaps of usefull content on your site.
But, make sure that the SE bots can access all of your site, this
includes pages that are dynamicly created.
Or provide an alternative to pages that can't be accessed.
I hope that helps.
Regards Chad.
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Re: SEO software... which is best?

Cinnamon Thunder wrote in

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You'd be better off asking in though my own view
is that you're better doing the SEO yourself rather than relying on a
software package. I guess it's a bit like the hand-code/DreamWeaver

Lots of info, if you go down the DIY route, at: / /

If you only look at one: /

Good set of links at:

And there's the FAQ: /

If you feel that any of the above is incorrect,
inappropriate or offensive in any way,
please ignore it and accept my apologies.

Re: SEO software... which is best?

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed Cinnamon Thunder

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As others have suggested, doing it yourself is probably a better idea.  

Here's a tool I find quite useful
< Link Popularity Check.  The
tool checks various search engines to see what how many links there are.  
It's not the best tool, but it can give you some insight. The program is
free, because they want you to buy Arelis4, a program that crawls the
Internet looking for similar sites and sending out template link exchange
letters.  I think the idea of sending someone a personal note to ask for
a link is a good idea, but I can recognize a template one from miles away
and don't do business with them.

Raw web logs - they look like Greek, but, infact they are just plain text
files that have delimited data.  You can import them into a spreadsheet
or database and then analyze them yourself.  If you want a program to do
it, I found Surfstats < to be quite good.

What you want to look for:
1. Error pages - fix them
2. Referer - this can tell you how people are getting to your site.  A
good thing to look at is the actual referrer string, and paste that
referrer string into a browser to see what the person who came to your
site saw.
3. Time spent - if they took time to look around, or just left

I would also suggest using presentationless semantic markup.  It's easier
on the bots, easier on users (especially those on a slow connection),
easier for the developer.

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