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Several years ago I set myself up as a web design microbusiness. Keen to  
get my own site high on google search results and to enhance my  
professional credentials I distributed free a number of site templates  
as CMS Themes with a link to my site in the footer.

I got thousands of backlinks from sites all over the world but it seems  
the backlink plan has backfired and although I didn't see it as cheating  
to put my name to my designs google just sees an unlikely quantity of  
footer links and I am penalised accordingly so that my site is way, way  
down the list of results for my chosen search terms. That at least is  
what I think has happened. I don't know how you would even find out for  
sure, but I don't see any other major problem with my SEO which would  
explain the embarassing results.

I don't see how I can undo what is done so I think the best solution is  
to set up a new domain, say .com instead of .biz and start the SEO  
again. So here is my question:

How do I plan the new site to make sure I disassociate myself from the  
old backlinks but maintain some continuity of service? Can I use  
duplicate content if I remove the old site from the server? Will a 301  
redirect from the old domain to the new make the whole change pointless?  
Will my plan work?

The site in question is at

Re: SEO Problem

On 04/09/2015 13:40, Tim w wrote:
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Oh, right I forgot. This is usenet and it is deserted now.

I will ask somewhere else

Tim W

Re: SEO Problem

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From what you tell I don't see you have been penalized
by search engines. Could be something you did not tell.

If ceasing using the old domain and make a 301 redirection
to a new domain, are a legal method. But why should you do
this, if not for another reason.

Anyway, now you have presented your website here, it tacitly
askes for comments.:

It displays fine on my phone. But why reducing the text-size at
the bottom of some sections. The text size of the main sections
already lay in the lower region, but is acceptable. Everybody's
still talking of responsive design. Though, since website building
started, more than 30 years ago, page-elements have been auto
responsive. As the width of the page is not sufficient, elements
in line layout auto change to block layout. It's not a new html

Re: SEO Problem

On 08/09/2015 16:01, se wrote:
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Your comments are welcome, and thanks for the response.

Tim W

Re: SEO Problem

I seriously doubt you were penalized for those backlinks. Google is smart enough to see that they are legitimate, there must be another cause.  

You did not mention your chosen keywords, so hard to tell.  

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