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--[ About Free SEO Tools  ]------------------------------------------------ /

Here at, we offer a wide range of free tools that will
allow you to optimize and streamline your seo preparation for search engine
submission as well as future or current listings.

We have 4 tools that we currently offer for SEO optimization which include,
keyword density, competitor analysis, position checking as well as a basic
free submission to search engines.

What are these?

Keyword Density is a measurement used by search engine to gauge the amount
of keywords relating to your page that rank within their search index, if
you keyword density is to high you are likely to get marked down for keyword
stuffing and have a lower rank, this also gauges the amount of keywords you

Competitor Analysis provides you with a output of the analysis of one of
your competitors and your page, this will gauge how effective your marketing
is against your competition and how you are ranked in relations to your
competition, this is an exciting tool as it will show you the changes you
need to make to have that competitive edge on the competition.

Position Checking shows you your positions in the search engines on
particular ranks of keywords and key phrases these allow you to gauge your
current SED or search engine depth, that will ensure you have prime
positions in the search engines.

Basic Submission is a simple tool to allow you to submit your site to search
engines, however we would recommend you do a paid submission with one of our
boost packages this will have you in the top 7 without a flaw.

--[ About Paid SEO Tools  ]------------------------------------------------ /

Here we offer a range of SEO Solutions from one of the best providers of
these in the world. They include G-Boost, Easy PPC & Top Up Traffic, from
these options you can select a wide variety of other SEO Solutions.

Here is a bit more about them:

--[ G-Boost ]--------------------------------------------------------------

Although standard submission is valuable, it can often take 6-8 weeks to get
included in the major search engines. G-Boost is an industry leading Google
submission service that delivers 7 day Google inclusion with monthly rank
building elements!

G-Boost offers:

7 Day Google Listing Guaranteed - or the 1st months free, Helps improve your
Google ranking every month, 5 new unique, guaranteed directory listings,
Great addition to any Search Marketing or Optimization Program

--[ Easy Pay Per Click ]---------------------------------------------------

The quickest way to increase your keywords is to advertise on major search
engines. With Easy Search Advertising, your website gets first page Google
and Yahoo! listings for related keywords to drive more traffic to your

Easy Pay Per Click Offers:

First Page Listings in Google and Yahoo!, $75 Yahoo! Click Credits for
FREE*, Sales Leads in Only 48 Hours, Dedicated Account Manager (Google
AdWords Professional)

--[ Top Up Traffic ]-------------------------------------------------------

A top 10 ranking can drive unlimited free traffic to your website from over
250 search engines and directories!
Top Up Traffic Offers

Guaranteed Top 10 Listing, 250+ Search Engines and Directories, Unlimited
Free Website Traffic, 12 Months for the Price of 6!

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