Senseless rendering: Mac.Mozilla != Mac.Netscape6.01 ?!?!

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Hello out there,

pls excuse if my xposting might fall into a false group - this is a quick p=
roblem which I should solve soon...

Why the heck would Mozilla 1.2.1 on a Mac (OS 9.x) render a HTML-page diffe=
rent from Netscape 6.01 on the same Mac?

The page in question is (temporarily)=20

For debugging I turned on the table borders and trans.gif-borders:

Netscape here always makes the spacer-gif table rows too high! It doesn't m=
ake any sense to me and I would be so thankful if someone could lead me bac=
k to the path of working HTML...

I tried to set the colspan of the spacer rows (to add an extra blank space =
between the form field rows) to 6 first, of course, and now changed to 6 id=
entical td's - no difference.

I tried to set the table height - no use either

I've added a style to the form tag - no use, as expected.

I'm goin nuts soon...

Any advice much appreciated here,
Roman Bl=F6th
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Re: Senseless rendering: Mac.Mozilla != Mac.Netscape6.01 ?!?!

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Netscape 6.01 is based on a much earlier version of the Gecko engine
than Mozilla 1.2.1.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Are you building a new web page with spacer gifs? How retro. ;-)

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Your doctype puts Netscape 6.01 into Standards mode and Mozilla 1.2.1
into Almost Standards mode.
In Standards mode (Netscape 6.01) the table cells are sized according
to the CSS specification - this means that the <img> is treated as if
it was a text character and so space is left below it just as you
would leave space below the letter 'a' in case the next letter in the
sentence was 'g'.
In Almost Standards mode (Mozilla 1.2.1) the table cell heights are
rendered in retro-Netscape 4 fashion with no space below the images.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Why not use margin on the form elements? Or padding on the table


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