Semi-OT: W3Schools current browser stats

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Has anyone looked at this lately? Last I heard in the major media, MSIE
had around 90% share of the market still.  Not according to W3Schools,


gecko-based browsers now have nearly 25% of the market.

Admittedly, these stats do not jibe with my own web servers stats, which
show MSIE(all varieties) at around 84%, gecko-based at around 12.5% and
all the rest at around 3%.  Also, grain of salt, people, grain of salt.

But I do find it interesting to see how dramatic a downswing MSIE has

<soapbox>Death to MSIE!</soapbox>

And one last note: Linux as a platform looks more popular than Mac on
W3Schools. Hmmmmmmm... But that tidbit really *is* off-topic.

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Re: Semi-OT: W3Schools current browser stats

JDS wrote:
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That's the thing about site stats: results are greatly variable. For
example, those visiting the W3 site are most likely people who are
interested in standards, web design, or accessibility. This demographic
is more likely to use a Gecko browser than IE because they are aware of
its flaws. This also applies to the Linux users.

However, given all the recent media attention to IE's security flaws and
Firefox's benefits, I'd say that numbers are definitely rising.
Michael Wilcox

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