Semantic link markup?

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I'm doing development for a media-fandom wiki that includes several
different "types" of pages.

We've got a custom link template used for "the source this section
refers to."  (As opposed to a "peer" page.)  I'd /like/ to do some
sort of semantic link tagging to reflect this relationship (since all
these links are filtered through the same template, that should be
possible) but I don't know the first thing about semantic tagging, and
all the documents I read about it are either high-level XML or
proposals for ad-hoc systems using classes to provide context dating
from 2006.

IS there a decent standard or system emerging for providing context
for links in HTML rather than XML?  I really feel like it's where the
internet is moving, and I'd like for us to meet it halfway.


Re: Semantic link markup?

On Mon, 23 Feb 2009 11:17:11 -0800, ReGenesis0 wrote:

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HTML does specify the "rel" attribute for marking what relationship the
linked-to document has to the document containing the link ( http:// ). The people
seem to have some interest in developing a common vocabulary of link
types beyond the ones in the HTML specification ( /
wiki/rel-design-pattern ), and they mention, as a "brainstorming"
suggestion, the use of "cite" to document that a link points to a source
( ), so
that might be an option.

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