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Hi ah!

When on http://www.ersttagsbriefe.com/shop/ you select
Österreich from the first list in the left frame, the second
list gets populated with 14 elements. When you open this second list
with e.g. IE 6.0.2800.1106 it only shows 11 elements and gives
access to the last 3 via a scroll bar even though the whole list
would easily fit on the screen. Other versions of IE (e.g.
6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158) and my mozilla do show the
whole list.

I was asked to make the list show completely. Can you tell me how?
Is it possible or is this up to the browser how much of the list it
displays and when to make a scroll bar?

Thanks, Bernhard
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Re: drop down list too small

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How did you figure that out, RtS?  What if there were 21 items in the
list?  Or 200?

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Indeed.  RtS knows about the validator but doesn't know how to use it.

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Is this the stupid leading the blind?

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Just don't ask Richard the Stupid.  Ignore everything he says.  Listen
to him at your peril.

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Re: drop down list too small

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Stop being ridiculous in public.

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- -
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Yes. Replace size="1" by size="14".

As the user fills out a form, he moves forward (i.e., downward) in the
form, and it is scrolled down as needed, as part of the page. There's
seldom a good reason to confuse this by adding separately scrollable
subareas - especially if they create problems like the one you describe.

On the other hand, it's often simpler to let the user type in some short
piece of data than to ask him to pick up an option from a list - especially
if the list is long. Naturally, you need to check user data correctness
server-side. Did you intend to omit such a check when using <select>?
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