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Re: seek advice for Ajax menu html script and include

Alex Fillmore wrote:
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I think I understand your question.

In every page on my site, in the <head> section is the following which
loads the stylesheets for default page formatting, menu formatting and a
print format that leaves out some extraneous "stuff":

    <link href="/styles/default.css" rel="styleSheet" title="Default Style"
    <link href="/styles/menu.css" rel="styleSheet" type="text/css">
    <link href="/styles/print.css" rel="styleSheet" type="text/css"
title="Print Style" media="print">

The very first thing under the <body> tag is the following which formats
the page header (position fixed, background image, font info, etc.) AND
loads the menu via a PHP include:

<div id="doc_header">
<!-- start menu HTML import-->
<?php include("./styles/menu.txt"); ?>
<!-- END menu HTML import-->

If I change default.css, every page on the site changes.  If I change
menu.txt and/or menu.css, the menu is changed on every page on the site.

Is this what you're wanting to do?

By the way, if you load a page on my site and then use "View Source" you
won't see the actual PHP include statement; you'll see the actual menu
code that the include statement inserts into the page on the fly.  The
menu insertion is done "server-side," not by your browser.

Ed Mullen
Zen master to hot dog vendor: "Make me one with everything."

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