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Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there has had experience with the
searchtool cgi script BT use, I have created a search which seems to work
quite well but I am stuck with one point that I am hoping somebody might be
able to help me with. The search use a text file comma delimited and I have
a search that I  want people to be able to select an item from the list then
the search will check 5 fields to find it. I have this working on 1 field
using the following code

       <select NAME="SEARCH:04:08:EQUALS:O">

<option value="   ">   </option>
<option value="">Any</option>
<option value="indian">Indian</option>
<option value="pizza">Pizza</option>
<option value="burger">Burger</option>
<option value="chinese">Chinese</option>
<option value="thai">Thai</option>
<option value="cantonese">Cantonese</option>
<option value="sandwich">sandwich</option>
<option value="other">Other</option>


but all my attempts to check several fields come up blank. (the 08 refers to
the field but I also want it to check fields 09,10,11 & 12)

I would be grateful for any help you can give me.

Re: Searchtool

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You seem to be using some proprietary field name convention there.
That means nothing to anyone else.  In what context does "the 08 refer
to the field"?  IIWY, I'd stop trying to shoehorn an existing script
to fit my needs and would write my own.


Re: Searchtool

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refers to

08 refers to the 9th  column accross in a datasheet ie here it is cat1


but i want it to check 08to12 (cat1 to cat5)

I would write my own but i don't know how to programme in perl, later when i
have i will learn, but for now i need to get this working as it is crucial
to the site and apart from this one problem the searchtool does exactly what
i want.

I hope this bit of extra info helps

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Re: Searchtool

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Considering there's no real documentation for the search tool, and
it's unlikely you will be able to modify the search script's code, I'm
going to table the motion that you can't change how the search

This page says that you need to create a data
file to make your site searchable with the hosting package.  If that's
really the case I'd be looking to implement another search engine,
such as Google or Atomz.  Does the BT search only look at the
datafile, ignoring other content?  If so, how can you maintain it

Have you tried adding hidden fields with the same naming convention as
your select box?  You could copy the contents of the drop down to the
hidden fields and then let the search engine use those.

Time to learn to program in Perl, I think.


Re: Searchtool

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If your still looking for a site search solution, also take a look at
FusionBot, .

Another great resource for researching virtually any available search
utility on the planet is

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