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hello folks.

i re-designed a small site for a client a couple of months back that seems
to be doing the opposite of what it was intended to do - bring him more

the main site had gone thru several changes, most recent from a site that
sold food supplements to a site that sells small electronic appliances.  we
pared the site down to a simple 2-page site - got rid of all extra baggage,
so all it has is a product page and an order page on a secure server.

our search engine strategy involved purchasing a new domain containing
important keywords for the products and setting up an identical 2-page site
on the new domain which also pointed to the secure order page.  We worked on
optimizing the <TITLE> and <META> tags of both sites.

Anyway, we thought this might perk up their sales, but sales actually
decreased drastically.

I am not sure where we went wrong.  If anyone has any feedback or advice for
this issue with regard to search engines, please let me know!!



Re: search engine-eering

our second domain (one with better keywords) was chosen to replace the 1st
domain.  since some of our previous customers were used to the old domain,
we thought we'd leave them both up simultaneously.  this means two almost
identical websites up under two different domain names.

do search engines consider this an infraction?  if so, is there any
workaround for this, because we really need to keep both domains up - at
least for a few months until business transfers over to the new one.



Re: search engine-eering

Sometime around Tue, 18 Nov 2003 02:08:39 GMT, PJ is reported to have

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What are you talking about? Oh, this is a reply to an earlier post? Please
quote the relevant parts of what you are replying to.

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Yes - it is considered spam. With only 2 domains it is borderline, but
still possible. Is either site listed at all in Google? If not, you have
been penalised for spamming. If they are, but they just aren't ranking
well, I would say it is just that the new site hasn't yet got the links etc
that the old one did.

When changing domains the best method is to send a 301 - Moved Permanently
in your http headers. How to do this depends on your server.

Mark Parnell

Re: search engine-eering

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Sites with the same content will definately get you removed.  You should be
doing a server side redirect (301 - moved permanently) to the new site, and
put a notice stating that users should update their bookmarks, etc.

Adrienne Boswell
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