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Has anyone here experienced with 'Satellite TV for PC' please?

Is it really worthy?


Re: Satellite TV for PC


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Is any TV "really worthy"?  Nah.

Infinity has its limits.

Re: Satellite TV for PC

Willy wrote:
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There are not many hits for this product on Google yet, which is
unusual. Most of the hits are about places that want to sell this
software. However I found no detailed description of just what is being
offered. There are many, many thousands of video signals that are sent
around the world via various combinations of satellite, fiber optics
land, etc links. Most of these would be of absolutely no interest to
most people. The more desirable satellite and cable feeds are highly
encrypted and require one of several decoders to decode, and this is
turned on after you pay. In many countries it is illegal to make or
distribute pirate equipment or programs to overcome the encryption, and
usually the distributors of the programs change their encryption enough
to shut down pirate units once they become aware of them.

My advice is that this program seems to be nearly too good to be true,
so I would wait until you can find out more details from a Google
search, such as:
Just which specific video programs are received. Does the software work
well. Is the seller of the software reliable. Have there been any
complaints to the Better Business Bureau or like organizations. Are
video program providers likely to lock it out soon, if the software
really works. Would you have to buy anything else for the program to

On both C and Ku band satellites, there are many free feeds in a
variety of formats, and each format requires a special receiver for it.
In the US, most of the big cable channels such as HBO, Showtime, etc
are encrypted with a Motorola digital method. Since I have C and Ku
band receivers and a 10 ft dish that is programmed to automatically
rotate to receive the many satellites, I can see many of the free ones,
but most of these are only of special interest - say training in
selling a certain make of car. I have to subscribe and pay for HBO,
Showtime, etc to get them turned on. The little dish services usually
do not offer the free services available with the big dish, but they
cost much less to install. However I pay much less for HBO, Showtime,
etc. on the large dish than you pay on cable or the small dishes, which
for the most part just convert the feeds I get and uplink them to the
small dish satellites.

Re: Satellite TV for PC

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Thanks for your advice, cwdjrxyz.
Your explanation seems very readsonnable to me
Have a good day!


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