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Re: running ASP inside VBscript

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I'm sure. But it's a very messy system compared to ASP.NET - look at the job
pages here in the UK and there is MASSIVE demand for ASP.NET right now...
and almost none for ASP. Quite scary really :/ I know ASP really well, but
I'm just a n00b when it comes to .NET stuff.

Re: running ASP inside VBscript

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I disagree.  I have to write so much more code to do the same things in
ASP.NET.  Yes, it's a more "complete" system that requires fewer third party
objects (still need one for ZIPping), and it's "the new technology" ... but
I find ASP.NET coding much messier than ASP...

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ASP.NET right now...

I think you'll find that in many cases these companies are just putting that
there because they want progressive developers staying current in the field.
I know of at least two people who were hired by companies that slathered
their job ads with .NET this and .NET that, one of them is still running
Delphi and the migration plan is five years out, the other is writing Flash
that is used on a PHP site.

Sure, a lot of people are developing in .NET technologies... but you'll
probably see that a lot of those companies are also still maintaining
existing ASP apps, and starting new development in ASP as well.

Anyway, this is getting way off the original topic: the choice between
VBScript and JScript for ASP pages is at least 90% subjective (regardless of
when you plan to migrate to ASP.NET or any other technology).

Re: running ASP inside VBscript

Thanks Andy for the quite funny example.

I'll go try it out tonight.


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