running ActiveX on the server

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I try to find a way to solve a problem:
running on the server an activeX control, and not locally on the browser
used to see
the html file.

This control ( a DLL) is using sound from a SW radio receiver.
It looks like this :

of course, looking this page from an other machine of my local network
doesn't works:
no activeX ( dll), and nothing on the soundcard if I load this dll to
visualise the result.

This file looks like this:

<BODY bgcolor="navy">
<font color="yellow"><h2>
WA&#216TTN's WinPSKX ActiveX Control Demonstration
<INPUT type="button" id=DClear value=" Clear RX "><br>
<TEXTAREA id=DText rows=15 readOnly cols=80></TEXTAREA><br>
<OBJECT id=DWinPSKX1 style="LEFT: 0px; WIDTH: 663px; TOP: 0px; HEIGHT:
202px" classid="clsid:37D8ADC6-B3EC-474A-9640-6BAB04F57289">
    <PARAM NAME="_Version" VALUE="65536">
    <PARAM NAME="_ExtentX" VALUE="17542">
    <PARAM NAME="_ExtentY" VALUE="5345">
    <PARAM NAME="_StockProps" VALUE="0">
<script language="VBScript">
'notification event handler that handles the PSKCharRdy event from the
WinPSKX control
Sub DWinPSKX1_PSKCharRdy ( CharData, Channel )
   DText.value = DText.value & Chr(CharData)
End Sub
'notification event handler for the left mouse button that sets the channel
0 frequency
Sub dWinPSKX1_LButtonDown( Frequency )
    DWinPSKX1.Frequency(0) = Frequency
End Sub
'this function clears the text area when the Clear RX button is clicked
Sub DClear_OnClick()
   DText.value = ""
End Sub
'initialize the WinPSKX control and start the soundcard
DWinPSKX1.AFCLimit(0) = 100
DWinPSKX1.SearchRange(0) = 45
DWinPSKX1.CreateCursor 0, 0, 1, RGB(255, 0, 0)   'create a solid red cursor
DWinPSKX1.BindCursor 0, 0       'bind the cursor to RX channel 0
DWinPSKX1.DisplayMode = 1       'waterfall display
DWinPSKX1.DisplayOptions = 255  'show graticule, spectrum, and cursors
DWinPSKX1.SetDisplayRange 100, 4000
DWinPSKX1.StartSoundCard -1, 1

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