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i have a table with a number of rows to submit records by "input

how can i submit only those records when the click box is clicked?

now all the records are submitted

any hints?

Thanks a lot.


Re: Rows of records

tony wong wrote:

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Er, no you don't. You have a form that has a bunch of form fields in it.
These *may* be presented to your viewer inside a table, organised as
"fields" within "records". MyPhpAdmin does this very thing.

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You can't, that is not how forms work[1]. Everything is sent up to the

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Yep. The big question now is: What is the *real* problem with that :-)

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Interrogate the check box status in your server side process. If the box is
not checked then don't process that "record".

[1] You *could* use some klunky javascript to, say, remove/disable the
relevant rows and/or form fields if the checkbox is not checked but why?
Your server side process still has to check anyway, in case javascript is
disabled. Besides, you may confuse your viewers browser, fiddling with the
form during the onsubmit event handler :-)

If it is a bandwidth issue then it isn't. You just sent them down, along
with all sorts of stuff wrapped around them. Sending them back should not
be a problem.

Cheers, Richard.

Re: Rows of records

Thanks rf

it helps a lot.

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Re: Rows of records

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Because of your apparent skill level (not a snipe, just based on your
description of the problem) I think the best thing for you to do is
to go to (or search the group for "tutorials").  
Then take about 2 hours and just read through some of the tutorials.  

When you are done, you will be able to re-word your question and
probably get fitting answer. (And start 3 sub-threads on frames,
table layout, and if George Bush lied or not.)


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