rgb colour names?

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Howdy All!

Can anyone point out to me a site listing all of the rgb colour names? I
know these are some of them:

-Black #000000
White   #FFFFFF
Red    #FF0000
Green #00FF00
Blue    #0000FF
Yellow #FFFF00
Cyan  #00FFFF
Magenta #FF00FF

But I would like to see a complete list if there is one.

Any help would be most appreciated.


Re: rgb colour names?

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Define "all". Do you mean color names in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript?
Which version?

The relevant specifications, if you care to consult them, give the
official lists. And on the Web, there's a rich supply of bogosity in
the form of compilations of color names that some people think that are
recognized by browsers, without bothering to check how differently
different browsers handle them, or to think about the fact that by CSS
specifications, a conforming browser _must_ ignore a CSS declaration
that uses a color name which is not in the CSS specification.

The practical answer is that you don't need the color names. Design the
use of colors by using suitable color charts and color pickers and
graphics programs, which give you the color codes numerically. It's
simplest to stick to six-digit hexadecimal notations like #0033ff,
since they work in all of the "languages" (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).

Well, you might use the color names white and black. They are rather
easy to remember, and standard. Other standard color names are seldom a
good idea on Web pages, since they tend to be too strong on computer
screen, which is still one of the most common media of accessing pages.

Followups randomized the usual way to stop foolish crossposting.

Yucca, http://www.cs.tut.fi/~jkorpela /
Pages about Web authoring: http://www.cs.tut.fi/~jkorpela/www.html

Re: rgb colour names?

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I am sure there is at least a million of them, but most sites simply
concentrate on 216 "web-safe colors".

Example of such a site is the color picker from EchoEcho:

Or, as Jukka suggested, use a software to generate the required color, an
example of such a software is
SLUGS (Simple Little Utility for Generating Schemes)
http://www.opensourcepan.co.uk/programs/slugs /

This site gives some background on Web-Safe Colors and why it is no longer

Kayode Okeyode

Re: rgb colour names?

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The other colour names are Netscape inventions, not part of any W3C
standard.  IE traditionally has supported them (don't know about IE6 in
standards mode), but it is most unwise to use them.

Re: rgb colour names?

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Re X11, I'll take your word for it.  Re CSS3, that is something I didn't
know:  others may be interested in looking at the proposed spec, at:


Re: rgb colour names?

Robert Mark Bram wrote:
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Here's one I built in learning PHP. It lists all the Pantone colors,
Websafe colors, and Netscape-named colors (which is what you are looking

The Netscape colors are good ones, but you should call them through
their numbers, not the names, which are non-compliant to web standards
(which is what the others here have been telling you in their unique

My page is at http://www.whilo.com/pantone/color.php

Re: rgb colour names?

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Would you mind posting the php code for that?

Re: rgb colour names?

you could just go to www.lissaexplains.com and click on the ADD COLOR button or
go to www.webmonkey.com and click on hexidecimal color chart. :0) Hope this

-Becky   [17]

"Mr. Clean" wrote:

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